How to APPLY?

You can apply from the “Vacancies” tab or on the homepage by clicking “APPLY”. If the unit size of choice is available, you may select it, however, if the unit size of choice is not available, please select available unit shown (i.e. TEST UNIT), and be sure to include the unit size of choice when completing an application. Select the “Apply Now” button to begin the application process.

Be prepared to provide Verification of Income, Student ID and a Government Issued ID. Be advised, Co-Signers are required and all Co-Signers will need to complete a “Co-Signer” application through our website. Once the applications are received and are approved, our staff will begin the application process. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing and someone from our team will follow up with additional information needed and/or the status of the application.

Upon the approval of an application, you will receive one of two approval statuses, “APPROVED” and “APPROVED with CONDITIONS“. All applications that are “approved with conditions” , the applicant and Co-Signer would need to be prepared to pay a higher security deposit amount. There will be an e-Lease sent via email. Please ensure the lease is e-Signed by all parties within a 24-hour period, or the lease will be canceled. Due to the volume of applications received, leases cannot be pending e-Signatures more than a 24-hour period. After a lease is canceled, the apartment will be released from “HOLD” status and offered to the next prospect waiting.

Leasing Information

MAIN608 offers 1-year, 10-month and 6-month lease terms. Water, sewage, trash, W–Fi and Internet are included and a water allowance of $60 will be provided for each unit. The pricing and leases will be per applicant. Leases will be between MAIN608 and each individual tenant with payment due directly to MAIN608.

*All Electric Bills will be individually distributed to each apartment and the cost for electric will be divided between all roommates. If you are planning to move into a 1-bedroom apartment, then you will be responsible for the entire electric cost. All apartments have individual meters.

Meal Plan

MAIN608 tenants will be eligible for commuter meal plan options, but it will not be a requirement.


MAIN608 Student Housing is privately owned and it is managed by Byers and Harvey, Inc. We welcome students from all surrounding area Universities, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, Internships and more! We also accept Commercial Leases!


Application Fee (paid when submitting application):
$30.00 Applicant
$30.00 Co-Signer

Deposits (listed per unit type and due at lease signing):
1BR: $550 Security Deposit
2BR Per Student: $450 Security Deposit
3BR Per Student: $350 Security Deposit

Administration Fee (due at lease signing):
$160/person ($80 due at move-in and $80 due upon move-out)

Parking Fee (due monthly):
General Parking: $150.00/person per annual lease ($15/monthly)
Reserved Parking Space: $200.00/person per annual lease ($20/monthly)

Re-Key Fee (due at lease signing):

Rental Terms

  • 1-Year Lease (No additional cost per month)
  • 10-Month Lease ($35 additional per month)
  • 6-Month Lease ($65 additional per month)